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Leader In Heat-treating Throughout the Metallurgical Industry

Founded in 1982, Thermetco began operations in stress relief treatments. Since then, we’ve made it our priority to build a team of professionals who can master the latest and most sophisticated heat-treating technologies.

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After fabrication and before commissioning, most of the materials require specific and often complex thermal treatments. To meet this need, Thermetco’s experienced team has mastered and applied a multitude of procedures, which have proved their undeniable usefulness.


On the strength of its 30 years of experience, Thermetco has developed metallurgical solutions that meet the needs of its customers from a wide range of economic sectors. Our many certifications are a pledge of our commitment and our compliance with the strictest standards in our industry. This is why we work in accordance with the following national and international standards:


In a time of market globalization and increased competition, our team is committed to provide you with the advice, competencies and resources necessary to assure you of a total quality product that will meet your requirements and expectations.


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